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Friday, 05 January 2024 13:20

Discover the Heartwarming Harmony of Auntie P, Music & Me

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Award-winning author Pamela Krist Atwood invites readers to witness a heartwarming journey in her captivating series, "Auntie P, Music & Me." This extraordinary collection of stories delves into the touching and magical bond shared between a special young person and her beloved aunt navigating life with dementia.

In the first book, "All About Animals," Auntie P unveils her world through the lens of music, captivating young hearts and engaging readers of all ages. Through a delightful exploration of musical groups, whose names resemble animals – from monkeys to eagles to beetles – Auntie P and her family embark on a heartwarming journey. Amidst emotional ups and downs, they discover a profound way to connect: by simply asking Auntie P to "tell me about it." This simple yet profound approach forms a bridge, enabling them to communicate in a meaningful, loving, and deeply enriching manner.

Atwood, a seasoned gerontologist, psychotherapist, and dementia specialist with over three decades of experience in aging services, infuses her expertise and passion into these narratives. With a keen understanding of the intricacies of dementia care, she masterfully crafts tales that resonate on multiple levels, touching the hearts of readers while offering invaluable insights into the world of dementia.

" 'Auntie P, Music & Me' is not just a series of stories; it's a celebration of connection, resilience, and the enduring power of love," Atwood shared. "Through these tales, readers will witness the beauty of forging connections despite confusion and emotional challenges. My hope is that these stories will inspire empathy, understanding, and meaningful connections among readers of all ages."

Beyond her literary pursuits, Atwood is a multifaceted personality who finds joy in various forms of artistic expression. As a certified laughter therapist, she spreads joy and positivity through her infectious laughter. Her passion for music extends beyond the pages of her books, as she enjoys singing and exploring the rich tapestry of American music from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Together with her husband Tom, who is a co-author of one of her books, Atwood cherishes a fulfilling life blessed with two remarkable children, Charlotte and Tom Jr. However, her ultimate dream transcends personal achievements – she fervently hopes for a world where Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia find a cure, envisioning a future where her expertise is no longer needed.

Join Pamela Krist Atwood on an inspiring journey of love, resilience, and the power of music. "Auntie P, Music & Me" promises not only delightful storytelling but also serves as a poignant reminder of the beauty found in human connections, regardless of life's challenges. Available now for readers to purchase on Amazon in kindle and paperback formats!

About Pamela Krist Atwood

Pamela Krist Atwood is an accomplished gerontologist, psychotherapist, dementia specialist, and award-winning author. With a wealth of experience in aging services and dementia care since 1990, Atwood is the founder of Atwood Dementia Group, based in Hebron, Connecticut. Her passion for storytelling, music, and laughter therapy blends seamlessly into her work, creating a unique and impactful narrative that touches the hearts of readers worldwide.

About Auntie P, Music & Me

"Auntie P, Music & Me" is a heartwarming series of stories that explores the magical connection between a young person and her aunt living with dementia. Through the lens of music and heartfelt interactions, these stories offer valuable insights into navigating relationships amidst the challenges of dementia, fostering empathy, understanding, and meaningful connections among readers of all ages.

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With a Masters in Gerontology and 30 years of senior services experience, Pamela Atwood has played in the big leagues. She has worked in community care management, skilled nursing and assisted living.

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